Knife competition? Yes indeed!

I noticed something the last time Jason and I went to a convention other than the disaster the convention was. They had a knife throwing competition. Now neither Jason or I use knives but I was thinking I should invest in a good set for the sake of looks, and maybe learn how to use them as well, plus some good knife sharpeners to keep them ready. I think as far as self defense goes, it may be a good idea anyway to learn and get some kind of permit to carry one. Jason also wants to learn because the winner walked away from that competition with five thousand dollars! So both of us are going to get sets and learn how to properly care for them and use them. I am wondering also if I should take some time to learn any other kind of karate or some type of defensive fighting. Where we live it isn’t always the safest place. As a woman I never leave the house at night to go running without a group of friends or Jason. I am glad though that I keep myself in shape and can learn how to protect myself without already having to lose weight to do it. Not that I am a skinny mini but I was raised in a physically active family and we always played sports, hiked, ran, or exercised in some way or another. I know a lot of women do not think about safety and I believe it is a really important subject. I mean, have you read the statistics on women who are attacked even in broad daylight? It is really scary to think of what happens when we are caught unaware and unable to do anything about an attack. Sorry to get so serious, I just felt like I needed to say something about that subject. Either way, I am going to learn both knife fighting and throwing knives so I can win next year’s convention competition for it.

For know, i’m doing some reasearch – found this cool video:

Vacation trip for the loss!

imagesSecond convention down and two more to go. I was actually pretty let down by this one, I feel it was loosely organized. I spent more time standing around waiting for certain parts of the convention to start rather than enjoying it. I was really frustrated. From the beginning this was a disaster. When we first arrived at the hotel, we found out they had double booked our room, and at that point in time, how do they decide who get’s the room when every other room is full? Fortunately, the other family cancelled at the last minute and we were saved, thank God. That was definitely a blessing. So ok, we check in right? Get into our room which after all that hassle isn’t even ready! There are no covers, no sheets, no towels. At this point I was really upset. Anyway, a few hours after that we finally get everything settled down and get to bed because we had a 5 am wake up call so we could get to our convention on time. Could it get worse, you ask? Yes, indeed it can and it did. Jason and I got up the next morning, got dressed, and got to the convention just to find out they had misplaced our tickets! I knew I should have had them just mailed to me instead of picking them up, but I was worried I would lose them at home. What irony right? An hour after the convention starts we finally get to go in and start enjoying ourselves. The funny thing is, an hour into it and only half the convention is open and set up. None of my favorite areas are available and everyone is pretty much standing around. Now not every convention is expensive to get into to, but the more you pay I guess the more you expect to be going on. Ok, so six hours or so into the convention everything is up and available. I did manage to win the cos play for Kagomes costume and naturally My bow was the best one there. Just a little triumph for me. Jason and I are glad to be back though from that particular convention. I really do not expect to have everything go smoothly every single time we go anywhere, but to have everything go nuts all on the same trip was beyond my imagination. Hope the next one is better!

Inuyasha Fun

So Jason and I just got back from another Anime Con. We both had so much fun! We won the Cos Play competition not just because of our outfits, but because we knew every line from the scene we chose. Not to mention my bow looked amazing and I actually got to shoot it! I am so excited about all of it. While at the Con, we found the entire cast of Inuyasha and had a blast getting to know the actual people behind the costumes. I feel like they are going to be life long friends. What is better than an anime bonding session, and they also go to most of the same anime convention Jason and I do.  I know it probably does not seem like it to outsiders, but going to the conventions and spending time over anime is kind of Jason and my bonding time. We know what reality is despite the stereotype, but having anime gives us something to talk about, share differences of opinion, and eat our usual munchies together. Next trip we take we decided that we are going to do a little more grown up stuff and look for historical museums, tourist attractions, and shopping. I do not know about anyone else, but adding a few more days to add to the entire experience of traveling sure sounds like an exciting thing to do. I am grateful that my parents did set boundaries and I had to go to college first because that was an experience all on its own and you would not think to look at me that I am actually a really good accountant. I decided on accounting because any great business needs an accountant and often an entire team of them. I love the company I work for, i have amazing bosses who know that even with my wacky choice of conventions and fun that I am a hard determined accountant and  I never slack on my job. To be fair, my job is what allows me my anime freedom. So make sure you all go to college and get your education first because it may make the difference in how you want to enjoy your life.

Kagome’s Twin

Kagome's_bow_and_arrowWhoa! So much fun! So this weekend I went to the most amazing convention with plenty of Cos Play. I finally got to use my bow! Well, I got to show it off I mean, how cool is that? I just got a few weeks ago after reading some reviews here (almost went to a cool zombie crossbow, but then changed my mind :)). Next month I am paying for lessons so when I go to another convention I can really show off. I heard that sometimes they have archery contests and people can win money. So my crossbow is pretty awesome, it is designed exactly like Kagome’s bow from Inuyahsa. Fortunately for me my hair is already black, and long, so it doesn’t take much there to get into character. I did have to chose a different material to make the costume from because I really have an issue with clothing that is rough against the skin. I guess I was born sensitive skin and maddening allergies. Anyway, I spent some time with my boyfriend who was there with me and of course is dressed as the one and only Inuyasha himself. We looked amazing together and I am so happy that I found a guy who loves me for my crazy obsession with anime. I bought some amazing eyeliner that helps with making my eyes look wider just like Kagome’s eyes, and I recently trimmed my bangs back to fit as well. My boyfriend, his name is really Jason by the way, had a wig fitted and it looks completely natural to him, considering his face has the same bone structure as Inuyasha. Together we have four more conventions planned for the next year and I cannot wait to go. Of course I better get back to my day job in order to help pay for the trips. Both Jason and I feel it is important to be responsible first, you know, work hard play hard kind of situation. Alright, well I will write again soon!


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